Ore Evaluation & Process Recommendations


Ore Evaluation & Process Recommendation Introduction

Ore evaluation and process recommendation is not a normal operation for a precious metal refiner. However because of the extensive knowledge of mining, milling, and ore processing of the team here at Liberty Refiners, we provide this service as part of our larger offering. This division of Liberty Refiners works closely with the refining team for a synergistic approach to mineral processing and final metal finishing. This offering is unprecedented in our industry and allows a linear approach to precious metal mining and refining.

This new method allows the miner owner or manager to deal with Liberty Refiners from the discovery of minerals in the earth to the sale of the final product in the international market. By removing multiple middle men from the ore processing to final refining, the end product can be attained quicker and more inexpensively.

If you would like to see how Liberty Refiners can assist you in this way, please contact us to discuss your project.