Refining Pricing

These prices are based off of an average of incoming material and will vary depending on material purity and contaminates. The pricing below is meant to reflect an average of what is typical. Your pricing will be quoted through one of our qualified sales people before your job commences. Please feel free to contact us for a quote or if you have any questions.


Gold Refining: Karat Scrap (Gold Content)

  • 97% of actual gold content

Silver Refining: (Silver Content)

  • 90% Less than 99.99 ounces

  • 93% Over 100 Ounces

  • Purity under 90% will require analysis of the impurities before quote.

Platinum Group Metals

  • 90% Less than 10 Ounces ($100.00 Minimum)

  • 93% Over 10 Ounces

Low Grade Material (Gold Content)

  • Polishing Dust & Bench Sweeps

  • 80% on gold content for less than 10 pounds ($150.00 min)

  • 90% on gold content over 10 pounds

Processing Schedule**

  • Gold: 5 business days

  • Silver: 10 business days

  • Platinum Group Metals: 5 business days

  • Polishing Dust & Sweeps: 10 business days

**Processing times may vary depending on volume.

Liberty Refiners Assay Charges

  • Apply to each refining lot

  • Gold/Silver: $50.00 (one or both)

  • Platinum Group Metals*: $95.00

*Platinum Group Metals are Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium


Ownership of Material

When tendering any material to Liberty Refiners you certify and warrant that any property sold by you is owned by you and that you have the right to posess and sell it. Additionally you attest that any material you tender to Liberty Refiners is for the purpose of determination of value, refining, and/or sale of the material. You are warranting the product belongs to you.